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Bertrand Verdelet the mountain bike instructor we need in Chamonix

The best   mountain bike instructors in the world are now at your fingertips in Chamonix. Go on vacation and learn how to become a better cyclist with their help. Located in the Chamonix ski resort and the mountain villages in the same way as the Chamonix ski instructors , it offers introductory courses in mountain biking in Chamonix, fun and safe, suitable for children and adults. He will make you discover the best of the mountain valleys of the marvelous Vallé Blanche , accompanying you for 3 to 5 days of hiking, according to your choice.


Mountain bike instructor in Chamonix , Bertrand Verdelet is also an experienced and passionate high mountain guide in Chamonix and will help you discover the most beautiful mountain bike routes in the Chamonix ski resorts in complete safety. He will also be a good adviser for the choice of your equipment and in the preparation of your stay. Some new features for your holidays in the Chamonix ski resort.

Why mountain biking is the best way to get around in the mountains and in Chamonix?

Because it is the ideal way to discover the villages, the valley, the lakes, the mountains in complete autonomy.

On site, you can rent a mountain bike or buy a second-hand mountain bike in Chamonix and enjoy various sites suitable for mountain biking in Chamonix.


  • Mountain biking in Chamonix: where to find rental shops and mountain bike shops?


There are several places to rent a mountain bike in Chamonix : the Chamonix ski resort, the surrounding villages, but also sites that will allow you to rent a mountain bike from your apartment or your hotel room in Chamonix.

  • To rent it in Chamonix ski resort:


You can rent a mountain bike at the Chamonix ski resort, there are several rental points at the foot of the slopes.

To find the nearest rental point to your home.  You can also rent a mountain bike in the villages around Chamonix, such as the village of Brevent, Contamines-Montjoie or the village of Grands Montets, but also in the neighboring villages: villages of La Fouly, Les Houches, Saint-Gervais, Le Tour or Megève.


  • To rent a mountain bike from your apartment or hotel room:


You can rent a mountain bike online or from your apartment or hotel room in Chamonix. You can indeed book a mountain bike and also ask Bertrand Verdelet who will give you an address to rent mountain bikes in Chamonix.

How to learn to mountain bike in Chamonix?

Mountain biking in Chamonix is an extreme sport that requires great physical strength and good physical condition. However, this is not something that is impossible for anyone to achieve. You can learn to ride a mountain bike if you follow the steps below.


Start biking. This is the first step in learning to mountain bike in Chamonix .

You should train with a road or city bike, not a sport bike. You can choose a stationary bicycle or an exercise bike. If you want to start cycling on the roads, you'll be on the plane sooner than you think.


You will have to do a number of laps in the mountains with a road bike. It is important to have a good physical condition for this. You will need to do at least 10 kilometers in the mountains per day. Take time to breathe while cycling.


Take a mountain bike lesson with a mountain bike instructor in Chamonix . It's a good idea if you want to learn to ride a bike on steep slopes and roads. Bertrand Verdelet 's mountain bike instructor course in Chamonix will last approximately two hours. You can go the day after your first lesson to ride a bike. You are not going to have to learn the basics of cycling. The sole purpose of the course is to learn about technology and driving on rough roads.


Learn not to be paralyzed by fear. You are going to feel scared when you go to your first mountain bike lesson. You may be scared because you think you can't ride a bike on steep paths. You must learn not to be afraid. The course is taught by a professional like Bertrand Verde , a mountain bike instructor in Chamonix . The instructor will make sure you don't get scared.


Find good cycling gear. If you want to go to the mountains with your own bike, you have to know it well. You must be confident to do this safely. It is very important that your bike is well maintained. You don't want to have to be scared going to the mountain. You need to be sure that you can do this safely.


Do you want to know how you can ride a mountain bike? Follow the tips and techniques listed above and you can do it. You don't have to be a mountain bike expert in Chamonix like Bertrand Verdelet.

  • Be ready to go mountain biking in Chamonix.

You can research a walking route, but first you will need to know how to ride a mountain bike. Are you ready ? If you're not, it's time to learn.



Your first task is to find a suitable place to learn to ride a bike. You will only need room to roll and a bench or something similar to sit on while you do it. You must also be certain that the road is safe and of good quality.


Learn how your MTB bike works . Check the brakes, crankset, tires and saddle. Anything that isn't working as it should should be fixed or replaced before you start learning to ride a bike.


Spend a few hours exploring the streets and enjoying the bike. Learn how to use the controls and how to stand on the bike. It takes a bit of time, but it's important if you want to learn how to mountain bike.


Watch a video or take a class before hitting the streets. These techniques can be particularly useful if you have problems with the handling of your bike.


Learning to turn is very important if you want to learn to mountain bike . You can do this on flat ground. If you don't know how to turn, there is a site that shows you how to turn on your bike.


Get back on your bike and take the time to ride the narrow and dangerous roads. Make sure the terrain is safe and that there are no cars or people that can collide with you while you are learning to ride a bike. This gives you an idea of what to expect when you go cycling outside.


Don't try to ride a bike if you're not sure you're ready. Your role is to make sure you're doing it right. Best to learn to ride a bike with a friend who can help you learn to ride a bike and make sure everything is done correctly.

Advice for good mountain biking in Chamonix?

If you're not sure what you're doing, don't try to ride a bike. It is important that you understand what you are doing before you start. Your role is to learn how to ride a bike correctly. If you have a friend who can help you, it's best to learn to ride with them.

  • Develop good posture on your mountain bike:


You need to develop good posture for mountain biking   in order to be able to stay in the saddle. You should try to have your shoulders aligned with your hips, so that your back is straight and your head is pointing forward. If you lean back or your shoulders are at dangerous angles, you may fall more easily.


  • Use a good riding position with your mountain bike:


Use a good pedaling position, so you don't get tired and avoid injury. Your knee should always be perpendicular to your pedal, so that you can perform pedaling movements well. It is best to position your right (left) foot above the front wheel, and your other leg behind.


  • Learn to brake with your mountain bike:


You must learn to brake with your mountain bike , because you will need to be able to stop your bike if necessary. The brakes are used to stop the front wheel. You can use the front handle or the one on the rear wheel. You can also use both brakes at the same time, in order to slow down more quickly. However, do not brake too hard or you risk falling.


  • Learn to ride on a bike path with your mountain bike:


Learn to ride on a bike path, so you can move to a safe place. In most cases there will be white and red stripes, but in other cases you will have to learn to ride on the side of the pavement and obey the rules of the road. Learn how to ride in a straight line, using your right side of the road or curb.


  • Learn to ride a mountain bike in traffic areas:


You can learn to ride a bike in traffic places, using the rules of the road. Learn to follow the right-of-way rules, stay inside the white lines, and just stay visible. The most important thing is to pay attention to other cyclists, and to those who will pass near you at a speed much higher than yours.


Finally, once you have mastered your mountain bike in easily accessible places, you can learn to mountain bike in Chamonix in the mountains and why not also electric mountain bike, also called electric mountain bike, then also the discovery of mountain biking enduro,  which will become a real sporting activity and you will have a unique experience and superb mountain biking sensations.


Now, if you want to learn how to mountain bike in Chamonix correctly   and have a good level, it will be better to hire a private mountain bike instructor in Chamonix au Mont Blanc, like Bertrand verdelet , who will give you mountain biking lessons , techniques, what protective equipment will be recommended, such as protective gloves, a helmet, knee pads, a good pair of sports shoes , etc..  But above all, it will teach you how to tackle mountain biking descents in the Chamonix valley . Once you have a good level of mountain biking you will be able to make superb mountain bike hikes with a mountain guide mountain bike instructor in Chamonix who will supervise you throughout your mountain bike tour in Chamonix.


So do not hesitate any longer, if you are passing through or on vacation in Chamonix,

Bertrand Verdelet from Ride Wild mountain bike instructor in Chamonix   will need to be contacted to learn how to mountain bike in Chamonix.

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